June 2013: Taxidermy

Skinned, Pickled, and Pinned: Taxidermy and Specimen Preparation

Moe Flannery, Collections Manager of Ornithology and Mammalogy at the California Academy of Sciences (CAS): Specimen Curation

Geoff Vassallo, Wilderness Taxidermy, Paxton Gate: Rogue Taxidermy

Geoff Vassallo, Wilderness Taxidermy, Paxton Gate – Taxidermy

Christina Cordova – Invertebrate Zoology (CAS) – Insect pinning

Liz Carlen, Codie Otte, Laura Wilkinson – Ornithology and Mammalogy (CAS) – Bird and mammal specimen preparation

Alicia Goode – Oakland Museum of California – Butterflies and insect pinning

Noel Graham – Herpetology (CAS) – Herp specimen preparation

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