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sisterand brainScience, Neat is a monthly summer happy hour that pairs lightning talks with live demonstrations on the back patio of the El Rio bar in San Francisco, CA. Get in touch with your inner scientist while sipping your favorite drink and networking with other likeminded nerds.

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Highlights from our last event: “Living Room”

Science, Neat: Living Room, as part of the Bay Area Science Festival.

Grab a drink and hit the back patio of the El Rio for an intimate evening of interactive science at Science, Neat. This month, step into the “Living Room” and meet 5 scientists who will share their research and how science has shaped them personally in surprising ways. Lightning talks start at 6:30pm and are followed by the chance to talk with the presenters at interactive stations about the heart of their research. Like always, Science, Neat is PowerPoint-free, hands-on science.

Sama Ahmed is a doctoral candidate at UCSF researching the genetic and neural basis for species identification and mate choice. He also hosts a science podcast called Carry the One Radio (, and a weekly music podcast about record collectors called The Vinyl Exam (
Jay Puniamoorthy is a MS student at San Francisco State University and the California Academy of Sciences researching insects, specifically the taxonomy and systematics of ants.
Dr. Sanjoy Som is an astrobiologist and will be speaking about early Earth. He is connected to the NASA Exobiology & Flight Systems Implementation at the NASA Ames Research Center. He is also one of the founding members of the Social Action for Grassroots Astrobiology Network (S.A.G.A.N.).
Moises Bernal is a doctoral student at the University of Texas Austin and the California Academy of Sciences. He is an ichthyologist that studies speciation, phylogeography and conservation genetics mostly focusing on coral reef fish.
Iman Sylvain is a graduate student at UC Berkeley. She is a mycologist that is part of the Taylor lab that studies the evolution of fungi, fungi for biofuels and reverse-ecology by population genomics.


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